Live-In Pet Sitting

I'm an independent live-in pet sitter with more than 11 years' experience.

Live-in care—starting at $65 a night—for your pet in your home

Pets "speak" in a free online story

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Beginning in March 2015, I will no longer accept new clients. I will continue to serve current clients. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.

What is Live-in Care? Why Choose It?

Traditional providers offer overnight care (usually 12 hours), plus 1 or 2 walks during the day. I care for your pets 24/7. When you go away, I move into your home and care exclusively for your pets.

Studies show that pets that are cared for at home during their owners' absence are safer and less stressed. A round-the-clock presence helps keep loneliness at bay for your pet. Diseases may be in kennels. Fights can break out. Older pets, especially those whose health, eyesight, or hearing are compromised, are more comfortable in familiar surroundings.

Why Choose Me?

I offer a rarity in the Washington, D.C., area—reasonably priced, dependable live-in pet care in your home. For $65 a night I offer exclusive, around-the-clock care for your pet. (For more than one pet, see Rates and Services, right.) There's no charge for giving medications, trips to the veterinarian, pet-related errands, and holidays. Check my schedule (below) for availability.

A lifelong pet owner and animal lover, I worked briefly in a vet's office, where I learned to give medications and intramuscular shots. I'm certified in American Red Cross: First Aid for Cats and Dogs and have practiced basic equine care. In addition, I've studied animal communication and energy healing for animals (Integrated Energy Therapy, TellingtonTouch, Reiki, crystal healing). I had a long career as an editor/producer at National Geographic. I enjoy travel, photography, writing, and Western Riding when my knee permits. As for a sense of humor . . . I never leave home without it.

Unfortunately, arthritis in one knee makes stairs difficult, and I can only work in homes with a bathroom on the first floor. I am comfortable walking dogs at a slow-to-moderate pace, however.

Before You Go
At an free introductory visit, you and I review the needs of your pets and your home. Plan to sign a Veterinary Release Form, which your vet may have on his or her web site.

While You're Away
I follow your pet's routine and your training methods. My goal is that your pet's life goes on as much as usual. I take out your trash, recycle, waters plants and your yard, clean up pet waste, and handle any other household needs. I do everything possible to ensure your peace of mind.

I update you as little or as much as you want. Pick your venue: text or email; and/or FacebookTwitterPinterest. I can also create an online story about your pet.

The most important thing I offer your pet is love. I sense when an animal is upset or withdrawn (maybe missing you); at those times I sit quietly with him or her until the mood passes. My round-the-clock presence gives pets a sense of security.

Because I need to arrive at each pet sit refreshed and ready to take the best possible care of your pets, I work a maximum of 20 nights each month.

In 2016 I am booked:

• May 21 - 31  (Taz, drop-in visits)

• June 3 - 12  (Ozzie)
• June 19 - 27  (BlogPaws, a pet social media conference)

• July 1 - 10  (Avery and Annie)

• July 15 - 17  (Tippy)
• July 23 - 30  (Teddy and a puppy)

• August 4 - 21  (Avery and Annie)

• September 1 - 4  (Tippy)

September 29 - October 3 (Tentative: Vacation)

October 6 - 11 (Vacation)
• October 12 - 30  (Vacation)

November 3 - 17   (Piggies Parr)

• December 8 - 19  (Tentative: class and vacation)
December 22 - 26   (Ovie)


If you want to talk to references, call or email Emmy at

~ Emmy, thank you for taking such great care of CeCee and BudDee while I'm gone. Although they are happy to see me upon my return, they are very content and enjoy their time with you. I can tell you have spent a lot of quality time with them. You are certainly capturing their personalities in your pictures. You make my travels almost stress free. Thank you. ~ Marcia T., Falls Church, Virginia

~ Emmy is an extraordinarily responsible, caring, and thoroughly competent house and pet sitter. Our beloved 16 year-old family Dachshund has been blind for several years—she has come to think of Emmy as she would a family member, and the feeling is clearly reciprocated. My wife and I and the three kids can rest easy when we are away that the family's 'oldest sibling' is going to be perfectly fine, and that our house will be secure and clean, as well, for our return. (For peace of mind, she is worth her proverbial weight in gold, which is worth a lot* these days.) ~ Tom G., Alexandria, Virginia

~ We have a full house: 5 dogs (including 2 senior citizens, one of whom is very grumpy), 4 cats, and an outside feral cat that we take care of. Emmy was wonderful, and took good care of everyone. Emmy is very trustworthy, totally organized, and I would recommend her to anyone who needs in-home care of his or her animals. ~ Elizabeth P., Washington, DC

~ Thank you so much for caring for my family while I was away. The dogs were much less anxious than usual when I got home, which tells me they were content with their substitute mom. I can’t tell you how great it felt knowing you were in charge. They will be thrilled to see you again. ~ Juanita H., Maryland

~ We LOVE the blog!!! What a talent you have for “channeling” the furballs’ thoughts. You of all our surrogate dog-parents got the most amazing shots of the "kids"! We have shared your blog with friends who know the “kids” and they love it too. I can't tell you how much we miss the little munchkins...but they are in good hands and that's all that matters (and getting brushed far more than they did when we were there!!) This homecoming was all the better for everything you did to keep it going and happy while we were away [for a month]. Deepest thanks. ~ Susan M., Colorado Springs, Colorado

~ Sight unseen and just speaking over the phone, Emmy worked out well. My dog, Coco, thoroughly enjoyed her. I was able to keep in touch when I was away. All went very well. Her blog about Coco is priceless. It is obvious she is an editor and a very good one. I plan to share it and print it for keeping and also as a history reference. ~ Gloria H., Prescott, Arizona